23 Jun 2016

White Paper – Is Your Company Ready for the Upcycle?

EnerCom Consulting’s new white paper, Is Your Company Ready for the Upcycle?, includes analysis of past peak-to-trough cycles in the onshore rig count and essential elements for marketing in the next upcycle. The white paper covers:

  • There have been 12 peak-to-trough cycles since 1975 and the current cycle has tied the record for the longest
  • Rig count increases lag oil price increases by a predictable interval and we analyze how long it takes for the industry to stand-up rigs
  • Buyers of oilfield services, products and technology have changed the way they research and evaluate potential vendors and partners – we show how savvy marketers leverage technology to initiate, maintain and strengthen relationships in any cycle

Download the free white paper.

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